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Module Title Wound Management

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Assignment Assignment 2

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The following assignment will take the form of a case study. The subject is a 79-year-old sikh gentleman, who will be known as patient X. Patient X only speaks English as his second language. Patient X has developed a wound on his right hip after being admitted a few days previously, after suffering from a stroke. Patient X has a history of a mild stroke and has slow mobility and uses the aid of a frame to mobilise. Patient X is obese, a heavy smoker and now
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This increased evidence that smoking is associated with poor wound healing could be viewed as bias though, as most of the studies have looked at surgical wounds and few have been concerning chronic wounds (Sorenson, 2003). • Nutrition- Mani (2003) claims that nutrition is a fundamental role that must be adopted in the treatment and healing process of pressure ulcers. A balanced diet with adequate nutrients should be key for all patients deemed to be at risk of pressure ulcers. Both nutrition and hydration are the basic components in promoting wound healing and maintaining normal tissue integrity. Patients at risk of pressure ulcers should be nutritionally assessed at regular intervals (Shepard. 2003). This could have been adopted by the use of assessment tools such as, The Nutritional Screening initiative. This tool includes nutritional screening at regular intervals and a comprehensive assessment that includes nutritional assessment, functional assessment and evaluation for depression. This comprehensive approach allows the nurse to quantify the nutritional problems and initiate the appropriate resources that will meet with the individual needs (Bryant, 2000). Another optional tool is the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool or MUST. This has been designed by the Malnutrition Advisory Group (MAG) of the British
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