Wow! How the Personal Computer has Changed the World

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Computers have been an indispensable aspect of life for what seems forever. But, this was not always the case. All of the things that seem like they are natural components to a computers interface like a mouse, keyboard, and the internet were just toys for tinkering about 30 years ago. The man who made the first computer controlled it with just a series of switches and displayed data on a few labeled LED lights. Since the invention of the electronic computer inventors have constantly been pushing forwards on every front making them faster, smaller, and less expensive. But, more importantly then how we have changed computers is how computers have changed us. Computers have changed almost every aspect of life as we know it today including…show more content…
had grown by eighteen thousand units. The 1970’s were the years when the computer really took off and reached the basic model that people know today. The microprocessor replaced the microchip. The microprocessor had ten times the power of a microchip but it was about a tenth of the price. Computers were still only used by hobbyists but they becoming easier to use by the month. The two biggest event for the personal computers would happen in the last five years of the decade. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac would start Apple Computers and create the first computer that anyone could use, the Apple II. In 1978 the college dropout student Bill Gates would create the company which in only thirty years would become the company to run over ninety percent of all computers in the world, Microsoft. The personal computer took the final steps to become what is today during the late 1980’s and early 90’s. During the 80’s computer advances were accelerating by leaps and bounds in all different directions becoming smaller, faster, and lighter. The co-founder of Intel noticed a trend in how these evolutions took place. His name was Gordon Moore and his principal stays true to this day. He noticed that the number of transistors per square inch of circuits doubled every year since the invention. At the point of the 1980’s it had slowed down to a little under eighteen months for the amount of transistors to double but still the principal idea held true. The other major leap

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