Woza Moya Organization is an NGO

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THE NGO THAT I HAVE CHOSEN IS THE WOZA MOYA ORGANISATION 1. DISCUSS THE REASONS FOR THE FORMATION OF THE ORGANISATION Woza Moya was initiated by Sue Hedden who in 1998/9 was called to assist when the running of the kitchen at the Buddhist retreat centre which was assisting the Buddhist and Zulu speaking and so the workers would go to her for advice in helping them with problems they faced in their work place. They mentioned their desire to learn to speak English. Sue had been trained in adult literacy and decided to take this to another level. The classes soon became the highlight of the week. She soon became aware of other issues such as HIV & Aids. Sue had a school friend contact who was also an executive director of the Aids foundation of South Africa, her response was immediate and laid out some guidelines to follow and she contacted the stakeholders in the Ufafa community such as: counsellors, traditional healers and parents to find out what issues people were facing and how to respond. They began meeting with the various communities. Kitti Soro and Thani Saro Weinberg who were resident teachers said they would raise funds to initiate the project. They also used friends in the USA and the fundraising events began. Five years later the Woza Moya community centre was birthed in 2005. The centre was relocated to the community of Ufafa. The name Woza Moya came into being from her personal experience, which was when her fiancé Dave Everett took his own life, he was a

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