Wrestler Men Perpetuating Violence Against A Professional Woman Wrestler Essay

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wrestler men perpetuating violence against a professional woman wrestler in a sexual way, and the footage is being glorified Men’s heterosexuality must also be reinforced because of the homosexual overtones that exist. These connotations are squashed with images of men forcing themselves upon women and by diminishing wrestling roles in the WWE world that show any distinction of homosexuality. The women wrestlers are mostly used as illustrations of the men’s heterosexuality, thus dismissing any impression of homosexuality. Divas: Sex and Male fantasy. Before the 1990’s women were not characterized much in the WWE but to escort a man to the wrestling ring, usually as a girlfriend or wife. As Katz says, “the conventions of pornography have made their way more and more into the main stream” (Jhally, 2003). Women wrestlers are like porn stars are accustomed as Katz says “provide a spectacle for men” (Jhally, 2003), all the while emphasizing their heterosexuality. Women do minor parts in the WWE and are often seen as Katz says “bit players in a male narrative, as sexual playthings” (Jhally, 2003). Men mistreating and embarrassing women is presented as entertainment; when this happens it is nearly always presented in the context that the woman deserves it or her actions have led to the punishment. As Kat says, “when you make this sort of abuse fun and entertaining it has the effect of normalizing, justifying, and rationalizing men’s violence against women.” (Jhally, 2003). There
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