Wrestlers Cutting Weight Essay examples

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Wrestlers Cutting Weight Some athletes do extra things to help them win, whether it be for a football player doing extra work outs, or taking steroids to a baseball player staying late from practice to work on his hit. In wrestling, some people do drastic things to help them be the best. “Kyle Talley of St. Mark’s, a state champion at 145 pounds last year, now wrestles at 152 pounds, about six pounds lighter than his natural weight” (Tresolini). Many wrestlers use unhealthy ways to cut weight; … “of 713 high school wrestlers studied in Wisconsin, almost half revealed weight cutting habits that included two or more forms of bulimic-type behavior such as food and water deprivation, laxatives or induced vomiting” (Tresolini). While…show more content…
A wrestler at A.I. du Pont High School, Sean Rhodes, cut weight to help improve his chances for a varsity spot on the team and to help in his overall wins. Sean cut from 125 pound weight class down to 112 pound weight class. He was having trouble trying to keep weight off and had not made weight three times in the first half of the season. His father had already told him that 112 was too low for him (Tresolini). It doesn’t matter who tells the wrestler what is too low, it is ultimately his choice what to wrestle at. Another wrestler named Casey Sadlowski had the same problem Sean had about getting a spot on the team. Week after week, Casey worked out in heavy clothes to help him sweat. He ended up cutting all the way to 112 pounds. When he started winning his parents became very proud. Their pride came with a price though; concern for Casey’s health. Casey’s mom and dad said “’sometimes we just want to say, ‘No more!’”(Tresolini) Casey’s mom is not the only one with concerns. Some coaches are frustrated that their athletes are performing unsafe weight loss methods. ‘”We’re not making anorexic or bulimics out of kids. They talk about commitment to the sport and self-discipline to hold your weight. They don’t understand that,’” said Coach Steve Lattizori (Custance). Coach Cliff Ramos has around 90 kids on his team and he does not have
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