Wrestling Is The Tenth Most Popular Sport

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Wrestling Belongs In the Olympics Wrestling was recently voted out of the Olympics by the International Olympic Committee. Wrestlers throughout the world were shocked by this decision. Wrestling is the sixth most popular sport in the world. It is a truly universal sport with participants in almost every country of the world. It requires little to outfit a wrestler so it is a sport that has broad appeal to all social-economic classes. Finally, because wrestlers are placed in weight classes it is open to all sizes and shapes of individuals; each body type having advantages and disadvantages. Wrestling was started over 7,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Today wrestling continues to be enjoyed throughout the world. In the modern Olympics and other international competitions two different styles are contested-Freestyle and Greco-Roman. While the United States competes and does well in these international competitions but most of the country 's college and high school competitions use a third style commonly called Folk Style. Since there is no “professional wrestling” leagues or competitions, the Olympics is the “grand stage” for wrestlers throughout the world. With the decision to cut wrestling from the Olympics, wrestlers have lost the competition for the “best of the best.” Since wrestlers are not paid for their decision to compete and train for the Olympics, they have to rely solely on an outside income. Amateur wrestling draws in participants from over 200 nations.…
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