Wrestling Is The Tenth Most Popular Sport

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Wrestling Belongs In the Olympics Wrestling was recently voted out of the Olympics by the International Olympic Committee. Wrestlers throughout the world were shocked by this decision. Wrestling is the sixth most popular sport in the world. It is a truly universal sport with participants in almost every country of the world. It requires little to outfit a wrestler so it is a sport that has broad appeal to all social-economic classes. Finally, because wrestlers are placed in weight classes it is open to all sizes and shapes of individuals; each body type having advantages and disadvantages. Wrestling was started over 7,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Today wrestling continues to be enjoyed throughout the world. In the modern Olympics…show more content…
Wrestling should remain in the Olympics not only because of tradition, but also as a nod to all of the raw athletic talent demonstrated by all of the wrestlers throughout the world who aspire to be on the “grand stage” of wrestling by being in the Olympics. Now let’s compare some athletes that are recognizable throughout the nation. Jonathan Paul Manziel aka “Johnny Football”: Johnny Football is the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, formally the quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies. Johnny was a red-shirt freshman during A&M’s first season in the SEC (2012). He set many NCAA records by passing for over 3,000 yards and rushing for over 1,000. He helped lead the Aggies to an 11-2 first season in the SEC and the Aggies highest final season ranking in decades. Carlton Dotson: Carlton Dotson was born June 1st, 1982. He was a former American college basketball player. . Dotson attended North Dorchester High School. Dotson then moved on to play basketball at University at Buffalo and Paris Junior College. He was then transferred to Baylor University in the Summer of 2002, where he was a forward on the team for one season. Dan Gable: During his prep and college wrestling careers, Dan Gable compiled an unbelievable record of 181-1. He was undefeated in 64 prep matches, and was 117-1 at Iowa State University. His only defeat came in the NCAA finals his senior year. Gable was a two time NCAA
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