Wrestling Requires Two Things : Those Who Are Fearless

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Wrestling requires two things: those who fear and those who are fearless. Two men face off in a glorified street fight to determine whose hand will be raised and who will receive the pitiful remark-- “good match kid”. As the fearless stare down their opponent from across the mat, the fearful stare down their shoes feeling the icy, petrifying stare of a man who wishes nothing more than to embarrass his opponent in front of everyone he loves plus one hundred others filling the bleachers. From my seven years of wrestling, I am not ashamed to say that I have been in both of these situations. From the sixth grade to senior year, my wrestling experience evolved me into who I am today, and I stand proud of who I am and what I have accomplished. Those who have wrestled will tell you wrestling remains as one’s lifestyle, and they speak the truth. Wrestling has been a large part of my life from as early as I can remember. The MacNellis family holds the sport and all it teaches as sacred to life, and my dad being a nine year wrestler, it was forced upon us all. The cycle consisted of my dad beating up on my 2 older brothers playfully, holding nothing back, and they would both beat me up not so playfully. I was a crybaby, a momma’s boy, and a tattle tale. Each time Harrison, the middle child, would beat me up, I would go and cry to my momma. Of course, being a mother, she would coddle me and yell at Harrison for being mean to her poor little baby. I had no urge to fight back because

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