Wrestling: Training for the Rest of Your Life

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Sweat sweeps out, slowly gliding down and finally dripping off his face. His heart races as he huffs and puffs. He stutter steps, pulls out, fakes again, and quickly turns from right to left outwitting his opponent and grabbing onto his leg. He doesn’t even think about it anymore. His movements steadily have become reflexes and his reflexes are second nature.
The time is quickly winding down and his team needs the victory to win the dual meet. He holds on to his opponent's legs, tightly gripping as the time slips aways. There is a moment of silence from his teammates, interrupted by loud cheers from the opposing team. The match is over. His head droops off his body, as if all his convictions rest upon his shoulders, too heavy to bear
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Penalties from illegal holds include: pinching or poking, chokeholds, strangling, spiking (slamming an opponent head first), forcefully holding unto opponents gentials, and headbutts. Although wrestling is a great sport things do happen and rules are set as a precursor.
Wrestling is aggressive but not a violent sport. Wrestling coaches do not teach wrestling techniques to athletes so that it may be used in an attempt to injure or disable opponents. Wrestling is a good sport because it allows for non-violent aggression. The point is not to hurt and/or harm your opponent but to use controlled force against their force. Wrestling is man to man competition that uses force against force through techniques and reactions to determine a victor. Wrestlers need to be able to stop an opponent's force while trying to enforce their own in a controlled and regulated match.
Wrestling matches have changed in countless ways over time. From Ancient Olympics to the common middle school matches, wrestling has maintained one important quality. It’s a fight. It’s either you or the other man, win you live, lose you die. Wrestling isn’t a “get together” where people gather and roll on the ground and leave. People who have ever seen an actual fight know that after a few punches are thrown it basically becomes a wrestling match. Fighting isn’t glamorous and wrestling isn’t either. One of the greatest things about wrestling is that it is not extremely
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