Wrestling and High School Practices

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Wrestling I started wrestling in sixth grade. Even though I didn’t win one of my first seven matches, I developed into a successful wrestler. In high school I won tournaments and beat high-quality wrestlers. During my junior year I was determined to become a great wrestler. I worked harder than ever and didn’t let anyone stop me. That year I lost the Illinois state wrestling tournament championship match by one point. Over the next six months between my junior and senior season I was runner up at AAU national tournament and wrestled at Disney Land in Florida at the Disney Duals with over 50 other teams and only lost 1 of 8 matches. These are a few of my achievements in high school. Now that I am in college there are many…show more content…
After that we have ten to twenty sixty yard sprints. Then go straight into 4 sets of doing an eight exercise workout with forty five pound plates. This is done in rotation with stance and hand fighting. Running this and doing the sprints and plait workout alone would be almost unbearable. Knowing that there are over twenty teammates going through it right beside you helps everyone push just a little bit more. The official season starts and the intensity is bumped into high gear. After warm ups we start intense drilling. There is no talking to coaches or each other. From there on practice is all business. As practice progresses people get mad or frustrated making the intensity level climb. Sometimes it seems like the coaches are more into it than some wrestlers. Practices would start by running trail and stretching is still the way we start practice. The first half hour is the only thing easy about this two hours. The second half hour is spent shooting high crotches and double legs like in a match. This is when the sweat starts to pore. Following that is live wrestling. Occasionally we will wrestle a card like in high school but it is normally not going to be that easy. One of the hardest things is to wrestle twenty minute matches with a short break for an hour. The most common way we work on ground wrestling is thirty second goes. A thirty second go is when with your partner you wrestle for thirty second the guy on
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