Wright's Visions of Jesus in his Book, Who Was Jesus

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“But who do you say I am?” (Matthew 16:15). Two thousand years ago, Jesus asked his followers. “Who he really was?” Tom Wright, who lives in 21st century, asks again. In this book, Wright puts the reader on a time machine and brings them back to Palestine, 1st century and starts the story of “historical Jesus”. Wright directly goes into the Gospels and talks about Jesus. Put down the ambition of Jews, take away the mystery of history, break the rule of religion, and at the moment when you realize about Jesus’ real desire, we finally can feel and see the real Jesus. Throughout this book, we discover questions such as “Who did Jesus think he was, what was Jesus trying to accomplish and why did he try to do that.” Wright not only tries to prove who Jesus is in a theological way but also explains who Jesus was in Jesus’ world. For both people in Jesus’ time period and people in today, Jesus was foreign and was different than what people thought as a ‘God’. Because of this, we missed the fact that Jesus was standing in the middle of history, culture, and religion. In the Bible, Jesus came to this land as a king and as a Messiah. But what is the relationship between Jesus and us?

According to Wright, Jesus is bigger than we and the church can even imagine and people today do not take him seriously. Also, people today are underestimating Jesus. God did not come to teach people how to go to heaven, but to teach that God is trying to be a king of this land and if people pray for

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