Write A Narrative Essay About Moving Back To School

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Paths in life can change in a blink of an eye. HOOK? My big life change was when I decided to change my career path and go to school and become a Loan Underwriter. All these event changed my life forever and will define me. These events happened so quick I could barely catch up with what was happening.

This all started last year while my oldest son was preparing for a Student lead conference for his Freshman year. I was watching his prepare and practice his speech. I could see the sweat on his forehead as he buttoned up his shirt. I remember thinking “Wow, was I that nervous to make a speech.” But the honest truth was yes I was and I that is what kept me from wanting to go back to school.
As we prepared to leave the house my son
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So I was expecting to hear more about what he had done to prepare for this career. We walk into the school and we check in. I see him sitting with up with confidence. They called our name and we walk over the counselor. We sit and my son stands he states his name and why we are here. He then starts to talk and tell us how he has changed his career path and realizes how this personally and strengths would be better fit as a police officer. I sat and listen and was so proud of how well his spoke. The speech ended and the counselor got pulled away. I reached over and said “Good Job! I am happy you are following your heart.” And he looks at me and says “Well someone has too.” With a grin then states “I though you were going to be so mad at me.” I was said “I would never be mad at you for following your heart.” He say’s “Mom you hate you job why do you do the same.” I then realize in that split second he was 100% right I need to take the risk. He was so nervous not because of the speech but because he was afraid I was going to be let down. I be upset for following his heart because I didn’t. I then realized I need to set an example. I got home that night enrolled in college and started looking for different job. At this point in my life that was really hard. I was the sole provider for a family of 6 and I could not be out of work for any time period. I thank goodness got lucky and got a job offer the next week with a sign on bonus and now heading to be a Mortgage
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