Write A Narrative Essay About Moving Narrative

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When I was five years old my family and I moved to arizona I did not want to move because I did not want to move far away from my cousins and aunts, so we started packing our things and I was kinda excited, but at the same time I did not want to leave the house I grew up and spend most of my childhood memories in. Once we arrived in arizona it all felt unreal and it felt like i was in vacation. We move into a big beautiful nice house and we lived there for two years and in those two years, we constantly moved from house to house. My dad thought he could make a better living in Arizona by building houses, but instead it was the opposite and we lost it all. We started losing money and it started going bad for my dad. At that time I lived in a two story house, my older sister will come and visit us sometimes; since she got married before we left, she was young we she got married she was 18.…show more content…
So my dad decided to move back to california in 2008, he could not afford to buy a house so we stayed with my aunt for like 4 months and then my dad started renting a house and we lived there for a year. He meant this man i do not know where but all of a sudden we started coming up here to hesperia and my dad loves horses since he grew up with
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