Write A Narrative Essay On Jean Cromwell

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"Please! You always want me to do something athletic anyways. It will keep Cromwell and I in shape!" Kevin pleaded.
"Enough Kevin, go do the dishes. Your mom and I aren't going to pay for the dog to go and jump over fences." Howie got up and pushed his chair in. Kevin took the dishes, beaten. He looked outside remorsefully at Cromwell, who was propelling himself at the tire swing vigorously. There must be a way to get Cromwell to a class.
Subsequently after his chores, Kevin decided to take Cromwell for a walk. They strolled down the street with the sun beating down ruthlessly. Partaking in this was not close to desirable, but it had to be done. Cromwell seemed to enjoy this activity but Kevin drowned in his own sweat whilst his skin burned dry. Kevin loved his dog so
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“I figured out the perfect way to pay for classes! I’ll get a job!” Kevin exclaimed. Howie pondered for a moment, where only the sound of the fan was heard.
“You’ll be the one working for the money?” Howie spoke slowly.
“Yeah! You don’t have to pay for anything, I’ll pay for it myself. For me and Cromwell.” Another long pause echoed in Kevin’s ears as he waited eagerly for his father to answer.
“You got yourself a deal.”
“Thank you! I won’t let you down! You’ll see, Cromwell is going to love this!” Kevin procured a pen from the drawer next to the daybed. He jotted his name in the fragments in which he had to sign and handed it to Howie. Howie reestablished his posture and began reading through the print judiciously. He then scrawled his signature next to Kevin’s and gave it back. Howie patted Kevin’s shoulder as he sauntered past to the closet.
“Good job, I’m proud of you.” Howie acknowledged Kevin, whilst he grabbed his hat to go work outside. Kevin smiled and opened the door. He left it ajar for his father, but took off down the street to go and get started on his new job with Cromwell shadowing him.

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