Write A Narrative Essay On Lexa Clarke

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at the memory of the night before, embarrassed, with the feeling of how turned on she was still impressed in her mind. Lexa doesn’t answer and there’s a moment of stillness as she simply stares at the blonde, sucking between her teeth the small wrinkle carved on her lower lip. The sheets swirls in the air while she stands. It takes only a second and Clarke is held tight in her arms. Lexa’s lips skimming over her cheek, the ghost of their touch left on the pale skin. Clarke smiles, caressing Lexa’s back, her fingertips running over solid, stretched muscles, to reach her shoulders and hug her neck. “You should keep it”. “Hm?” “You’re wearing my sweatshirt, you should keep it” Lexa’s lips are on her neck, now, and Clarke sighs, enforcing the grip and stroking Lexa’s nape with short nails “It suits you”. “You think?”…show more content…
Her blissful weight pins Clarke against the mattress. They both suppress a groan against each other’s lips when their bare chests touch, their lips crashing together in heated kisses. Clarke pulls Lexa’s pants down and the brunette helps her, in a brief moment of lucidity. She toss them aside before stretching back over the blonde, enlacing her lips on Clarke’s neck. A thigh slips between Clarke’s and the delectable friction elicits a throaty sound from the blonde. Lexa feels a deafening blackout shutting down her brain, roaring in her ears the moment she presses against Clarke’s boiling warm skin. Clarke is not breathing well at all while she anchors herself onto Lexa’s muscular back, pressing her nails in the warm, taut skin. She starts to feel a burning pain in her womb when the brunette’s lips leave her neck to kiss her collarbones, the delicious portion of skin between her breasts, her flat stomach. Lexa’s hands never cease to caress her ribs, her hips. Never hesitate to seize her breast with the most divine dose of
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