Argumentative Essay On Zoos

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When I was young, I was always curious. I was always running all over the place, looking and discovering, like every young child does. My mother tried to sate my incredible curiosity, and in one of her endless missions, I was brought to the zoo. I loved it. It was incredible to see God’s creation all around me. Everything was beautiful in its own way. At the zoo, I learned to respect and wonder at the creation of God. Zoos have been invoking wonder for centuries. They started as menageries, collections of animals held by rulers, and ended up as education and conservation centers (O’Brien). They are powerful organizations. Zoos should be helped and supported, because they help the economy and bring in revenue, they conserve endangered animals, …show more content…

After all, every year, 175 million people visit American zoos, to learn about or see animals, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute (“Zoo Statistics”, 1). This large amount of people visiting means that zoos need a lot of people running them. There are many jobs provided by zoos. Zoo directors, curators, zookeepers, and veterinarians are just a few of these (“Wildlife Careers”). All these jobs help lower the unemployment rate, and help to create a stronger economy. Naturally, jobs help the local economy. But zoos also influence the local economy in other ways. Zoos help boost the local economy. A study by the Cincinnati Zoo revealed that visitors spent $23.2 million on off-site spending in Cincinnati (“Zoo Boosts Local Economy with Big Regional Impact”). Zoos bring in tourists, who spend money on hotels, tour guides, public transportation, and in many more places. This extra profit helps raise the standard of living, and, of course, boosts the economy. Humans benefit from zoo revenue, but they aren’t the only ones. Revenue generated by zoos help increase the zoo animal’s standard of life. Some zoos are updating their habitats, to make conditions better for the animals, such as the Lied Jungle Exhibit at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo (Nichols and Tarpy, 9-14).Such operations are extremely expensive. In order to pay for such things, they use the revenue generated from customers of the zoos. Zoos not only use revenue to pay for the care of animals; they also use it to help conserve endangered animals as

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