Write A Rhetorical Analysis

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Good morning! How are you doing? It’s been great, hasn’t it? I have been blown away by this entire topic! In fact, I am leaving! Nice day to you all! No, no, I am only joking around, today I am here to present you with a crucial mind-blowing topic, something that every single one of you must know how to do otherwise you will not be able to survive on this planet, let-alone be able to survive in Mr.B’s 9E English Class this semester. Communication. That’s right, your entire life and existence depends on one thirteen letter word. Believe it or not, without this one word, our future might be something like the following: We would become mindless zombies because humans can think and thus communicate and when they can't communicate we become…show more content…
After all, who can just sit in front of a speaker and take in all the formal information they are dumping at you at a constant rate. This is why one of the biggest tricks towards making a successful speech is story-telling. Start of your speech by re-telling a personal story that might engage the audience. Make sure that your story involves a lot to which your audience can relate to, as well as, that your story is relevant to your topic, and concise in length. Trust me, this will have a hypnotic effect on your audience, and it will create a trustful atmosphere in the room. If you do not feel like story-telling during your speech, or you simply cannot think of one at the time, then feel free to replace this with humour, and visuals! Humour evokes many emotions from the audience such as joy, surprise, calmness, and even friendship. When humour is added to presentations, the audience is more attentive, responsive, and in turn, your self esteem rises when you realize your audience is having fun. The same goes for using visuals. The audience wants to see the evidence to your conclusions, by witnessing them with their own two eyes. Make sure to have diagrams and illustration during your presentation if necessary. [Wait, does this mean I have to tell my audience a story as well? Is it hypocritical if I do not? Will it add humour and understand if I do? And how do I incorporate a good story with humour for the audience into this? I know it definitely means I need to add more
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