Write A Short Story Of A Story

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The sun beamed upon my face as I skipped along the yellow brick road with Dorothy and followed the adventures of other daring travelers in my stories. I read about Miss Piggy, Peter Pan, and Judy Moody. As I read through each page, I noticed the creaking sound of the wooden swing where I sat. The sound reminded me of ocean waves, so I placed the book on the swing and pretended to be a sailor. I named myself Captain Shell and decided that I was sailing through the rough waves of the Atlantic ocean. My grandmother began walking through the grass which to me was the Atlantic Ocean. “A loch ness monster,” I shouted while brandishing my book as if it was a sword. She giggled and played along with my childish game. Eventually, I was defeated when the loch ness monster captured me with hugs and kisses. Overwhelmed by a grandmother’s love, I chortled uncontrollably. Suddenly, the sprinklers began and the smell of fresh cut grass became evident. I ran through the sprinklers and stomped in the mud. “Come on,” my grandmother said beckoning me to go inside. I obediently raced towards her house. I took off my shoes and quickly went to the kitchen in search of cookies that usually occupied the kitchen counter. I grabbed one of the chocolate chip cookies and made myself a glass of milk. Later that night, my grandmother and I made dinner and ended the night with poetry by the great Robert Frost. As she read the poem, my mind imagined the events of the poem. I saw the world emerged in

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