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In 1906, Percival Lowell, founded the Lowell Observatory and started an project in search of a possible ninth planet, or planet ‘x’.

Pluto was discovered, by astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh, on 18 February 1930. This period in astronomy was of intense planet hunting.

Pluto is smaller than any other planet and smaller than Earth’s moon. It’s dense and rocky but its nearest neighbors are the gaseous Jovian planets. It is due to this that it is believed that Pluto originated elsewhere in space and got caught in the sun’s gravity. Pluto’s orbit is erratic, all other planets orbit the sun in a flat plane.

The International Astronomical Union made an altering decision in 2006. The International Astronomical Union stripped Pluto from its planet status and issued a new set of requirements that would define whether
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Pluto however fail to clear its orbital neighborhood and on that the International Astronomical Union labelled that Pluto is not a planet.

Pluto’s moon Charon, is about half of Pluto’s size. Pluto as well as its moon, Charon, orbit a common center of gravity. Pluto however orbits this center of gravity at a much closer distance than Charon, and is this the reason that Charon is considered to be Pluto’s moon. Pluto is further also on the borderline of a region in our solar system, the Kuiper Belt, where many ice bodies orbit the sun at a very large distance.

Pluto has thus not cleared its orbital neighborhood and was defined as a dwarf planet. Dwarf planets orbit the sun, are nearly round, have note cleared its orbital neighborhood and does not orbit any other body.

There is so many evidence that indicates that Pluto does not adhere to the requirements to be seen as a planet that I also think that Pluto should not be seen as a planet but rather either as a binary system together with its moon, Charon, or a dwarf planet, as it is currently classified
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