Write An Alternate Ending To Sourdi's Wedding

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I invited Duke to Sourdi’s wedding, because I couldn’t stand bare to see Sourdi to follow through with this crazy plan. “So what do you want me to do about it,” Duke questioned, acting like he had forgotten ow Sourdi once felt about him. “Sourdi’s life is in danger. We can’t just watch her give up her life!” I firmly said to him. “Okay then...” Hesitated Duke, “so what’s the plan?” The day of Sourdi’s wedding approached quicker than I had planned. Luckily, I had already composed my plan in perfect detail. The only reason why I needed to include Duke in the first place was because he has a truck. The plan was fairly simple, the hardest part of the plan would be to get Mr. Chhay to trust his darling little sister, me! I knocked on Mr. Chhay’s
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