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On labor day of 2009, the Great White sharks arrived to Cape Cod. The great whites returned after one hundred years, and they have stayed ever since. Cape Cod is in Massachusetts. It consists of shallow waters, small sand dune islands, and sandy beaches. It is also called the shallows. The shallows of Cape Cod are filled with seals and surfers. They have people swimming and seals being eaten within one hundred yards of each other. Great whites are massive creatures that normally live in the deep dark ocean and travel many miles. Why are Great Whites Suddenly appearing in the shallows of Cape Cod?
Great whites can grow up to twenty-four feet and weigh five thousand pounds(Martin). They are the biggest extant predatory fish. They are not the
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They can swim at thirty five miles per hour(Institution, Smithsonian). They also have seven rows of teeth(Institution, Smithsonian). They have a total of three hundred triangular serrated teeth(Bradford). When Great white sharks are in the womb they supposedly swallow their own teeth. The first time they sink their teeth in their prey, it is called a sample bite. Sharks normally go up to their prey and taste them to make sure the want to eat them(Bradford). That's why most attacks are not fatal, because the shark tastes the human and thinks yuck that is not what I want to eat and spits them back out. They don't normally mistake humans for food considering only five to ten happen every year(Bradford). Once they sense food they need to get to it fast. They can swim up to fifteen miles per hour(1). Great Whites have to be fast at Cape Cod because they can not sneak attack the…show more content…
Shark finning is popular in asia. They cut the fin off of the shark, and then throw the shark back in the water. Since sharks are being killed for just the fin, there are bans against finning. People also started just killing them after the movie Jaws came out(8). It pictured a Great White shark attacking people viciously. It upset people because it was based on a true story, but in the actual occurrence it was a bull shark that attacked the people not the Great White(8). There are many shark sanctuaries set up in the ocean to protect them. They can go there and live without having to worry if they will get caught in a net or get their fins cut off. In many countries there are bans on Great White Shark products. There are many projects in effect for protecting Great White Sharks(Institution, Smithsonian). Great white sharks are illegal to hunt because they are endangered. They also have a short life span of about sixty years, but very few make it to even thirty. There are many signs that say the great white population is increasing slowly but steadily(Institution,
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