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Memorable, isn't it, the hobbit hole. Throughout the adventure, Bilbo had wished countless times that he could be back in his calm, little hobbit hole, especially when he was in a life or death situation. Anyone would have wished for their comforting home back, but Bilbo was someone who not only liked comfort, but he loved comfort. The author made the readers associate the hobbit hole to comfort, but it isn’t just a comfortable place, it reflects Bilbo’s personality where comfort is something important. The green door with the golden yellow doorknob represent the welcoming, company-appreciating personality that Bilbo has. The polished chairs represent his polished manner. All of this is great but there is one thing that deceives you a little bit - his hobbit utopia. At the beginning of the book, Bilbo has a no adventure policy, and when Gandalf comes to him saying that he has been invited to take part in an adventure, he looks very out of place with his glowing, magical smoke rings. Bilbo doesn't want an adventure. Bilbo doesn't want the glory. Bilbo doesn't want the feeling of energy that adventures bring. All he wants is a comfortable, respected life. Respected by other Hobbits that is. The Took family is less respected in the Hobbit community because their goal is to live simply without any unexpected or surprising events, if they can avoid them. This hobbit hole, Bilbo's home, goes deeper and deeper into the side of the hill. It's like this hill is his comfort zone, or his little utopian dream of having an extremely and ridiculously normal life.…show more content…
The place he spends most of his life in goes deeper and deeper into his dream-life, and even though he has windows that show him the light, he is looking through them from the point of view of someone inside a
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