Write An Essay On 9/11 And An Ordinary Orphan

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Kevin Smith is 11 and just an ordinary orphan in Chicago, illinois, his parents died when he was only just four so he couldn't really remember what happened that day, but his parents always told him, “You are going to do something great.” It was just another ordinary day at the orphanage Kevin really liked to explore but when the guardians were not paying attention he snuck out of the dining room to a to a boarded up hatch he had never seen before, he found a hammer and started destroying the boards,when he did he opened the hatch all that was in there was a bunch of pieces of paper and a mysterious box locked in a cage. He walked down the ladder and walked up to the cage, it had a lock so he needed a key, there was no key down there so he closed the hatch and walked back up to…show more content…
I had a feeling they shapeshifted but i couldn't go around asking everyone are you a worm that i have been chasing for 20 years, and that's when i saw a little boy crying in a car with his parents dead by the car, I had a feeling the worms were in the car but they drove off so quickly I had no chance of catching them.” Kevin asked so many questions until Charles said “We're running out of time we need to train you.” 5 years later, Kevin has finished his training, they made their journey to the tunnel where it all happened, they investigated for at least 2 days when they finally found a clue a knew tunnel Charles had never seen before with some teeth and slime all the way down. Kevin said “let's go.” they both jumped down sliding in the slippery slime, once they reached the bottom it was dark and
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