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Those who suffer from allergies can tell you that the summer is prime time for allergic reactions. The abundance of airborne pollen, dust, and other allergens can be a nightmare for those who are allergic to them. While these allergens are most commonly found outdoors, they can quite easily invade your home. Below are some common allergens, and some tips and tricks you can use to fight them and make your home safer and happier. Dust Mites Dust mites produce dust, and dust is likely the most notorious allergen to be found indoors. There are some measures you can put in place to keep the dust mites at bay. Barrier covers or plastic containers or bags for mattresses, linens, winter clothing, and furniture can help reduce dust mite populations. Dust mites thrive in fabrics, and to reduce their impact, keep unused fabrics safely…show more content…
And with Jacksonville's luscious flora, there is literally tons of pollen floating through the air. Help keep pollen out of your home by keeping windows and doors closed as much as possible. Even window and door screens are not impervious - some pollen particles can be so small that they can fit through the holes of screens. Pollen can also infiltrate your living space by sticking to your clothes or hair. Bathing and washing clothing frequently can help reduce indoor pollen buildup. Keeping pets clean and healthy can not only fight off ticks and fleas, but also reduce the amount of pollen and dust they track into the house. Try wiping down pets as they enter the house to keep your home free of allergens during the summer months. Dust mites, fungus, mold and mildew are easily removed with a proper carpet cleaning routine. The best way to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions in your home is to clean your carpet and upholstery at least twice a year. There are many types of carpet cleaning methods available and you will find a low moisture method is the best to sanitize your carpet and
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