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Cassnandra K Gumma Ms. Meah Chachere, MA 1301 May 3 2017 American Cults “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy. We're not in Wonderland anymore Alice.” (Manson). American cults have been around for thousands of years. Cults can be religious, spiritual, or based on common interests. American cults have driven themselves into American culture; tearing apart families, towns, and driving people mad. The Mason Family cult, Heaven’s Gate, and The Peoples Temple are just a few of the horrific cults that have been stained this country over the past 50 years. Charles Manson, born on November 12, 1934; was the infamous cult leader of the Manson Family. A cult that was brought to life in the 60’s filled with deception, drugs,…show more content…
Mary Theresa Brunner was the first woman Manson had sexual encounters with after his release from his extended stay in prison. Shortly after, Manson began experimenting with marijuana, and having sex with random woman; playing out his sexual desires. The Family began to grow quickly. Manson had realized that he and his many recruit whom were mostly woman, had outgrown their small van and hotel rooms. He then found a new homestead, Spahn Ranch. Spahn Ranch was an old movie set that had withered away and was then used for horseback riding lessons. The ranch was located just outside of Los Angeles California, and would later become the homestead for the Manson family. In return for rent the family would do chores around the farmstead, and Manson ordered his female companions to do sexual favors for the owner. Manson allowed new and upcoming musicians to stay at the ranch, as well as carry on their sexual fantasies with the woman living on the ranch. Manson had been promised a record deal from Terry Melcher, and when Manson realized he would not deliver he was enraged. Charles Watson who was one of the Manson Family members had received a large amount of money
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