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Some people falsely assume that because naturopathic medicine comes from the earth, it must not be a very effective alternative cancer treatment option. Maybe, they have tried it, but the results were too inconsistent, or it didn't seem to do anything at all. This is partly due to the multitude of companies who do not standardize the herbal remedy products that they sell. If pulled off of store shelves to be analyzed, one would find that most herbal remedy capsules and tinctures have very little of the key active ingredient. Don't let this deter you from using them though. Find a company that guarantees the quality and purity of their herbal remedies, and talk to your naturopath about including some of the following known cancer-fighting herbs…show more content…
It has been proven to aid in reversing a multitude of chronic illnesses, including cancer. Cat's claw can also shrink cancerous tumors like butcher's broom, but it works best on those located on the skin. It helps to boost the immune system and reduce the harsh side effects that occur from receiving chemotherapy too, so many herbalists use it for HIV infections, Lyme disease, and systemic infections. Feverfew Most herbalists know that this flower helps for migraine headaches. But new research has proven it is effective at treating leukemia too. It works by directly attacking leukemia's stem cells in a way that no other form of cancer treatment has been able to do. This herb cannot be used by people who suffer from severe depression because it may worsen it though. Sometimes, another herb (such as St. John's Wort) can be used along with it to counteract this effect though. Skullcap Though most commonly used for headaches and getting a good night's sleep, skullcap can also treat both prostate and lung cancer. This is possible because of its unique ability to make cancer cells destroy themselves without harming healthy cells surrounding them. Some cancer patients find that skullcap will also ease the depression and anxiety that frequently comes with having a chronic disease
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