Write An Essay On Daniel's Suicide

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Daniel’s mom would tell him to go to counseling but he didn’t want to. When she heard him saying that she just didn’t do anything about the issue. Before his suicide Daniel had missed “44 out of the last 78” days of school (Santora, M. 2003, Oct 29). His mother was aware that something was going on with him but she just didn’t do anything to help him. The bullies that he faced according to the judge was a mixture of both the bullies at school with his own mother. We can say that Daniel’s mother was a bystander. She knew that Daniel had knifes in his room “for safety”. As a parent that knew about the situation she should have done something to try and helped her son either by talking to him by learning how to help her son and by going to the school to try and get help. Ms. Scruggs…show more content…
He was bullied since he was in middle school and thinking it would change in high school but it didn’t Lasater, Jeremiah’s father went and met with the school officials about the problem and all they said was it would be handled. The cause of his death was because of some boys that threw chili at him and at the same time pulled down his pants. This was it for Jeremiah, he couldn’t take it and he “shot himself in the head in a bathroom stall at school” (Saillant, C. 2010, Jun 04) in the same school where they didn’t handled the situation when they knew he was a victim. The school was a bystander the whole time because they never actually helped Jeremiah. His father later on say that he could have done things different about solving the problem. He mentions how he wished he was more educated about bullying to help Jeremiah. His dad did what he knew but it was the school that didn’t address the problem. He has now created a hot line for parents that need help with bullying in honor of Jeremiah. He sewed the school but the outcome was a tentatively settled and the school adopted new ways in approaching
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