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There are many factors that can lead to a fatal car accident, texting, talking, the weather or maybe even falling asleep. This advertisement was a created by a company called Red Pepper along with the city administration in Ekaterinburg, Russia (Marzouq). The advertisement is meant to bring to people’s attention the effects of distracted driving during school holidays. The ad is effective due to its detail and its very straightforward representation of the issue, as well as the strong feeling of sadness that could affect parents who have a child of their own. The advertisement shows people driving in a car about to drive into a young child. The driver and the passenger are both preoccupied with tasks including, talking on the phone and to…show more content…
No one likes to see a young kid get hurt. Although, the main target audience would be parents who have children attending schools or people who intend to have children in the future. The ad is trying to get the audience to realize that they could be the problem, the people hitting kids due to their distracted driving. It’s meant to make these parents think about what if it was their child that was being hit by the car, how would they feel? The target audience would be likely to take part in the call to action of the ad, being more aware when driving. The image pulls on the heartstrings of the viewer by creating a scenario in which the accident could be easily avoided, but it wasn’t. Since the accident would have been so easy to prevent, it helps people realize that the things that they get distracted by are less important than the things that they become distracted…show more content…
It tells parents that it could be their child being hit. The slogan does an excellent job of creating an emotional response for its audience. Since the ad brings in a parent’s own child they are more likely to pay attention and take anyway something from the ad. If a person is going to be directly affected by something they are more likely to try and change an issue. By directly challenging parents to “think of both sides” the creates an emotional response that may cause parents to wonder how they would feel if it was their
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