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Blood was running down Christian’s body as he got stabbed 40 times by local gang members. Christian, an 18 year old boy trying to run away from a gang, was afraid for his life because he was a police informant, and they were in search of killing him. Cristian was pulled into the woods by a young lady who promised him sex if he came into the woods, but little did he know it was all a plan, Three gang members came out of the bushes, held him down and stabbed him repeatedly 40 times to make sure he was completely dead. This is an unfortunate Salvadorian story told by the elders to scare off younger boys from joining nearby gangs. As El Salvador stood one of the most dangerous and violent countries back in the 90’s. Loyalty to any gang is very strong, the sense of family they have for each other is…show more content…
Many can believe that gang affiliation is just a way of getting by or making a living or having some sort of protection for your self. But this is my personal point of brow on this topic. Gang violence and affiliation is at a booming rate. The violence is unacceptable no matter what the case is. Innocent women and children get hurt and die due to this. Many people flee their own country for their own protection many who don't have the opportunities to do so have to endure and keep safe of their environment. Gang deaths happen everyday and it's sad and disappointing to know the real number of the people who die. Many whom go unheard of. Families can never find the bodies or maybe the case is they have no “true” family. I Am aware that gang violence and affiliation will never truly be wiped out. But I can highly encourage others in saying that a gang is not going to solve anything. It's just to cover the the true problems of what's going on behind closed doors. Like I said earlier, jail , Hospital or death bed is the most common forms of aftermath if we're dealing with

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