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Hemophilia describes a group of sever congenital coagulation factor deficiencies. It is a lifelong genetic disorder with a prevalence of 1:10,000 birth and that of the most severe form of the disease to be approximately 6% per 1,00,000 Population (1). Depending on the activity of coagulant factor VIII or IX in blood, hemophilia may be labeled as severe (<1% of normal), moderate (1–4%) or mild (5–25%) (2) . hemophilia is characterized by recurrent haemarthroses inside the less muscular padding joints as knees, elbows and ankles joints (3).

Because immature cartilage is even more susceptible to spontaneous bleeding, most of hemophilic children experience repeated episodes of hemorrhage into their joints (4). Intra-articular bleeding of synovial joints has a direct destructive effect on cartilage which triggers the joint degenerative process (5) and impact on the total motor development of children and youngsters (6). Patients with hemophilia often used to have a sedentary lifestyle because of repeated uncontrollable hemarthroses with subsequent
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Yet, to date and to our knowledge, there are no studies on balance improvement approaches for children with hemophilia. In the past few years, it has been suggested that sensorimotor training contribute to reflective activation of the deep postural muscles and challenge the sensorimotor system to restore normal control of individual segments during dynamic tasks(17-19). Although many therapists and clinicians reported successful treatment cases, the exact effect and validity of sensorimotor interventions is still discussed with contradicted results (20-22). Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the feasibility and efficacy of sensorimotor training on improving balance performance and pain in children with
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