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Lehane is the daughter of William Reid and Jasmine Reid, the half sister of Spencer Reid. Growing up she always knew that there was something wrong with the world. Running away from home at 16 she recruited her cousin to follow her to DC to find her older brother. They didn't have a relationship growing up and that was because of their dad. Walking out on Spencer when he was 12 years old. Soon after moving to DC she found out that her childhood best friend who had left Vegas. When she was 15 was in DC and going to law school. Reconnecting with (Ian) was great at the time. Lehane had just found out that she was pregnant with her ex boyfriend's child. The man that had walked out on Lehane right before she left for DC. Leaving her to make the…show more content…
Turning up on (Ian)'s doorstep doped up out of her mind; Lehane fell into the arms of the man who had always been there. Getting clean was the hardest thing that Lehane had ever had to do other than burying her own child. 3 years passed with Lehane being clean she was now 21 years old and living on her own attending Georgetown. Soon after starting her second semester into her 2nd year tragedy struck once again. This time it was in the form of her friend found dead and drained of all her blood. Going t0 (Ian) Lehane lost it and it that moment she was the weakest she had ever been. Giving into the urges they slept together for the first time; before turning it to be something more. Soon after her friends death Lehane went to her brother Spencer about her theories. Though nobody believed her. Who would? she was a 21 year old college student who always ranted about there being evil in the world. Evil that could never have an accurate explanation. An explanation that Lehane wanted or more like needed. Making her brother dig into old case files triggered a series of events leading up to the arrival of two men. Men claiming to be F.B.I agents not knowing that Lehane was the sister of a real F.B.I
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