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Ovarian cancer is known as a “silent killer” because most people who are diagnosed with this disease are already at a late stage. This cancer begins in the ovaries and has four stages. It usually starts as tumor cells such as common epithelial, germ cells, and stromal cells tumors. Some of these cells are either non -cancerous or cancerous. Germ cells are cancer of eggs making cells of the ovary. There aren’t any known signs and symptoms. Stromal cells are connective tissue cells. Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer includes: bloating, abdominal pain, urine symptoms, abnormal vagina, difficulty breathing, lower back pain, and painful sex.

In stage one of ovarian cancer, the cancer is only within one ovary and the tumor is
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By stage 3A, the cancer has already spread inside the ovary. When the cancer spreads from the ovary to the vagina, this is known as stage 3B. Stage 3C is the same as 3A but the cancer has spread into the lymph nodes. Finally, in stage four of ovarian cancer, the cancer cells may be found inside the lungs, liver, and in other organs. The cancer cells have already spread to tissues outside the abdomen and pelvis.

Treatments for ovarian cancer varies. The treatment depends on what stage you are in when diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The treatments include: surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or targeted and radiation therapy.

The survival rate for ovarian cancer also varies. It normally depends on the
Stage that you are diagnosed in. For example, if you are diagnosed in the first stage, the survival rate is about 92%. The second stage gives a survival rate of 70%.
In stage 3, you may have a survival rate of 39%. Stage four only has a survival rate of 17%.
In order to ensure that you are not stricken with this cancer. You should make sure to have your annual check-up with your gynecologist. Awareness and knowledge helps prevent ovarian
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