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Introduction The book started off with the authors childhood where he grew up a logging camp owned by his father in Ontario and this is where he got his love for natural world and then he went to a good high school where he got a love for science and that would grow into a lifelong dream he would follow to the university and he got his under grad in eycolys and them he decide he was going to travel to the united states for his grad school and made a trip around the country in is VW bus and started in the universities of st lues and that was when the Vietnam war was in full swing and the draft was a scary thing so he traveled around the country kind of under the radar and then ended up back in Canada and this was the 1st time in history that educated people where moving back to Canada where in the past and now many educated people move to the states where taxes are lower and jobs pay higher salary’s then in the Canada they had a word for this and…show more content…
They had been meeting in the basement of a local church where they had been coming up with idea of how they can change the world and make it more “green” before that word was a house hold thing. On this advancer they had rented a big boat to sail from the west coast of Canada up to the island of Alaska to stop the testing from taking place this was a lot harder said than done. They got stuck in a storm and then was intercepted by the coastguard and where sited for not having their pass ports but went back to international water and go this all on camera and was broadcasted on the local news station and they thought they had stopped the testing but years later they found out that it was wrightin in the reports there was a technical
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