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The holocaust was a very appalling time for jews.The holocaust was the cost of 6 millions lives. The jews were persecuted and murdered just because what they stood for. In 1940, Jews were being deported to Portland by the Nazis. Also, the jews were forced into ghettos. This was a major step into the process of separating and persecuting jews. Ghettos were to segregate jews from mixing with the super aryan race. Life for the jews was very hard in the ghettos. The houses were cramped, contagious diseases spread rapidly, and there was no food to eat. The ghettos were used for transition points for when the jews were being deported to concentration camps. The jews were transported to concentration camps because of the lack of food, water, sanitary living places, and space. A concentration camp is a place where persecuted minorities or political prisoners are detained. The first concentration camp was Dachau. Dachau was established in March 1933 by the Nazis. At this camp, others social…show more content…
They took over jewish businesses and also their land. They had them bought by non-jewish germans, for a price that had been negotiated by the Nazis. Jews were affected by a lot of German laws and orders that prohibited there public and everyday lives. Such as the Reich Propaganda Ministry, which stated not to list the dead jewish soldiers in the World War One memorials. The jews were viewed as outsiders, some may even say a disgrace to Germany. The Nazi used a term called the “Master Race” or the Aryan Race. It was basically a racial term describing an idea of a pure race. The Nazis believed in a concept that Aryans had the most pure blood on the earth. When Hitler mentioned the master race, he was referring to a superior race. Many times in his speeches, Hitler often talked about how he believed in racial clarity and the supremacy of Germans. The Germans were referred to as the “Superior
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