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Nightjohn was such a powerful book it talked about so many things. It showed what life as a slave was like, to help you understand. There were many themes, but the 3 themes that I felt was the most important was bravery, freedom, and leadership. I feel like the story was mainly about those themes, but it was also about so much more. After reading the book I understand more what it was like to be a slave and I hope no one has to be treated like that ever again. Bravery! In the story Nightjohn in the other slaves used bravery over and over again. Have used it every time they had to do something they were not supposed to. They used to it every time they were getting punished and stayed quiet. They use bravery for lots of other things in their life. are use bravery in my life every time I was learning to ride my skateboard when I fell in front of people and they laughed. I had the bravery to get up and keep trying not quit and say I can't do this. That might not seem brave to some people, but it was to me because I care what my peers think about me something. Freedom, and the story Nightjohn got free. Lives the life of a free slave, but he comes back to teach the slaves. Hardly any slaves are free they wish,…show more content…
Reading the book and thinking about the themes had an effect on my life now I know what it’s like and I’m never going to forget it. It changed my mindset about life, not to take advantage of the little things in life we all take advantage of everyday. To be thankful and grateful we are free and have everything we have. To remember it was not always like this and to hope no one will be treated that way again. Also to remember it was not to long ago that it was this way and whites treated blacks this way, people no matter their race was treated this way is just crazy to think about. Sometimes I can’t believe someone was treated that way, but know I understand more thanks to this
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