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Technical Writing. Friday: 5:30 - 9:30 P.M. SUBJECT: CPA Essay Writing Formula TO: Alexander Luther, CPA candidate FROM: Azim Jivani, CPA DATE: February 18, 2011 It has been brought to my attention that the current CPA exam has gone through some changes primarily in the writing section. “To earn points for a written communications question, candidates must read a description of a situation or scenario, and must write a document that relates or responds to that scenario” (CPA). There is almost a formula that which CPA candidates can use in order to successfully pass the written portion of the CPA exam. There are also a couple of helpful tips for what and what not to do in your writing responses on the exam. One of the most important…show more content…
Interpret the requirements in a straightforward, common-sense fashion, circling or underlining the key words or phrases and making sure that your answer addresses those items” (Dauber). The Formula on CPA Writing There are certain steps you should follow before you can even write a word on the response form. “The impulse to launce into paragraph one and to develop the essay as you go along must be resisted. Too much time and too many words are wasted that way. Rather, a brief thumbnail outline of the answer-to-be should be used to collect and organize ideas. The resulting answer will be concise and complete. …a thumbnail outline also serves as the equivalent of a rough draft. It helps to prevent false starts, poor coherence, or writing oneself into a corner” (Dauber). The AICPA has given six characteristics of good writing (May): 1. Coherent organization | Candidates should organize responses so ideas are arranged logically and the flow of thought is easy to follow. | 2. Conciseness | Candidates should present complete thoughts in the fewest words possible while ensuring important points are covered adequately. | 3. Clarity | A clearly written response prevents uncertainty about the candidate’s meaning or reasoning. Clarity involves using words with specific and precise meanings, including proper technical terminology. | 4. Use of standard English | Standard English is characterized by exacting standards of punctuation

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