Write-Up A Lab Report

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Having a chance to participate in chemistry lab is a good thing for people. Based on the research, all the science majors always need to write a lab report after performing a certain experiment. Chemistry is a subject in which we all need to turn in the lab report the to teacher. Based on the lab report, the professor can see how his student understands and applies the lab to life. When writing lab reports, there are certain formats and contents of the lab that must be followed in order to convey the information which is performed. In some cases, lab reports may not be persuasive, so the lab will have to have strong evidence. There are two reasons why writing up the lab reports can be difficult are writing the result and getting a great partner. We have to perform a certain experiment and approach the topic. So the lab report consists of four parts: introduction, procedure, results, and conclusion. The most of difficult part in the lab report…show more content…
During lab report, Each member of the group must provide valid data to help the reader understand the reaction and create new compounds, and the group leader is responsible for giving out the information of the topic to the member, then each member has to read and follow the direction which the leader will prefer. For example, The goal was to observe how these reactions shift and change at the equilibrium, the happy point in chemical reactions, and the reader can be able to read and see the result easier. Chemistry or physics lab will be better when we have a partner, who can bring some good ideas, chemical formulas, definition, or picture which are related to the main topic. From there, every group can have time to talk about the topic and what to write in the lab report, so all the group can reach the expectation of the
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