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Write about your intended research in not less than 500 words. Set out the problem that you want to examine or the central question that you wish to address and briefly explain the broad background against which you will conduct your research.
Include a brief overview of the general area of study within which your proposed research falls

Nowadays the only constant in the world especially in the business world are changes
And enhancements. And the key to the success and survival of the company is the Change Management.

But how we would able to know if the company is at risk and in need or desperately must Have a Change Management? Because we definitely need to consider several factors in change management. Like the current work
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In order to have a successful Change Management, here are the guidelines that I would like examine thoroughly to have a winning changes.
1.) Determine what, exactly, needs to change. Take your time in identifying what is really wrong. Observe what is working well and what is not. Then try to find the cause(s) of why things are not working. Because there are some that already working properly and yet we are eager to have the changes.
2.) Brainstorm potential solutions. Consider a wide range of options so you can make a well-founded decision about how to move forward. Too often leaders have their pet solutions, when other answers might work just as well
3.) Decide how to move forward. Though others in the organization can have a voice in the change about to take place, the leaders need to set the direction for

the rest of the organization. This needs to be a period of open, honest discussion among leaders about what change needs to be made.

3.)Write action steps. Decide how your organization will address this change and write it as part of your change management plan. Be specific, but leave room for each team or department to determine the details of how that step will play out. Split the action steps into stages, if necessary.
Identify resources. Include employees and their skill sets, along with potential outside resources like consultants and vendors.
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