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You're sitting in your English classroom, it,s cold outside and it is the day before valentine's day. Your teacher walks slowly to the front of the room and speaks in a half somber voice,” Do you want the good news or the bad news?” Some kids raise their voices and shout to good news but majority were worried and, asked for the bad news first. “ Bad news; we are writing an essay for the next week.” The entire class groans, and you cast your eyes downward, as a little bit more homework is added onto your pile. Then the teacher speaks from the front of the classroom again. “ Now for the good news; it is a group project.” You will get to work with your group to write the essay together.” You sigh in relief because you know that your work is going to be much, much better for several reasons.
Imagine yourself writing an essay and then imagine yourself writing it with the input of three other people. More people in the group leads to a chain reaction of ideas, which results in a more diverse field of details. When you have better details, your supporting paragraphs have a more persuasive effect on the reader. Also, more interesting content makes the reader not dread reading your final draft. That is definitely a bonus for both of you.
Have you ever had trouble with grammar and finding mistakes, well having multiple people in a
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Why not speed up the process and take two days and work in groups. Sitting in a desk for three days straight writing an essay by yourself doesn’t teach you anything, but if we split up into groups we will have more input to learn off of. You can also divide the essay up to fit the strengths of each group member. You will also have more time to try and catch grammatical errors and spelling mistakes before it is time to submit your final essay. Instead of taking days or even weeks to finish and assignment by yourself, break up into groups and finish it in two
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