Write a Critical Evaluation of What It Means to Be a Teacher/ Trainer in Your Context Within the Lifelong Learning Sector

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4. Write a critical evaluation of what it means to be a teacher/ trainer in your context within the Lifelong Learning Sector
LO,1. Demonstrate a systematic and critical understanding of the concept of professionalism; the range of roles and responsibilities, both across the sector and in relation to own subject teaching and the impact of each.
LO .2. Demonstrate a critical awareness and understanding of theories and principles of reflective practice and models of continuing professional practice in relation to self;
LO,3 . Demonstrate and address own identified learning needs for skills and knowledge and explore the impact of own continuing professional development on own teaching and wider professional role.
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There can be a wide differentiation of learners within each course and from one course to another. What is vital is that quality, consistency and professionalism are maintained at all times.

The definition of professional as stated by Britannica online dictionary is; Characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession or The conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession, or a professional person

The definition of professionalism as stated by Merriam-Webster online dictionary is;

Exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally business-like manner in the workplace

It would appear that the meaning of professionalism isn’t easily defined. Barber suggests (1993,Pg 599-615) that
“Professionals require a systematic and generalised body of knowledge” and that “The behaviour of professionals is strictly controlled by a code of ethics” he went on to continue to define professionalism in terms of criteria such as autonomy, knowledge, and education.”

However Maister (2000) argues that

” Professionalism is predominantly an attitude not a set of competencies. A real professional is a technician who cares.”

It would appear that whilst both
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