Write a Phenomenological Reflection

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Write a phenomenological reflection on the following quote: o "There are many wordless places in nursing care, and these wordless places are some of our finest moments, and they will remain hidden. And that is alright because those moments do not have to be rewarded by others, they are reward enough in themselves." 1. Post your phenomenological reflection in the discussion forum by end of day Friday of Module 3. 2. Read the postings of other students, and thoughtfully respond to at least two other student postings by end of day Sunday of Module 3. The phenomenological quote made me think back to an encounter I had with one of my patients. The gentleman had a heart transplant and he was not doing well at all. He suffered…show more content…
He asked me if he was wrong for giving up. I told him I support whatever he chooses to do. I called the chaplain to pray with him and let my charge nurse what was going on. He had made his mind up and that was it. He was at peace. I was able to spend his last hours of life with him. I just sat there with him in silence and soft music. He didn’t want to talk he just wanted a few nurses in the room with him. He just wanted us present there was no need for words at this point. He was at peace. Just to make a long story short his wife was called but he passed before she got back to the hospital and oddly enough I think he had it all planned out. I think he knew it would be too much on his wife and him. It was like he was tired of suffering and had no fight left but couldn’t fully let go with her there. What’s even crazier is his wife would never leave the hospital and it just odd that of all days she left this
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