Write a critical appreciation of 'Hawk Roosting' bearing in mind the stylistic devices used.

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"Hawk Roosting" is one of the many poems published by Ted Hughes during his literary career dealing with animal and nature. In this poem we have a Hawk who thinks that everything in nature is inferior to him and he will allow no change in his life. The stylistic devices used by Hughes make this poem harsh and dynamic showing us an aggressive, unsentimental and gloomy image of the Hawk and at the same time realistic, which help to mirror the character of the Hawk. The poem is written in six regular stanzas, each consisting of four verses (quatrain) and this emphasize on the uniformity of thought on the part of Ted Hughes and the Hawk. The world of the Hawk is regimented, neat, well organized, controlled and the regularity in the form of…show more content…
The Hawk is presented as being destructive, primitive and merciless and this is expressed through violent images. These stylistic devices makes the arrogance of the bird becomes more heightened. The technique of anthropomorphism is very much poignant in the poem with the attribution of human feelings to the Hawk as Hughes writes in an imagined voice of the Hawk. We have figure of speech whereby the bird is given human quality. The Hawk is personified with his human nature characteristics and this reinforces his authority. Through the personification of the Hawk, the poet describes the bird as a survivor and a killer and this scheme enables him to compare the independence of the Hawk to act on impulse with the way we are controlled by thoughts and set of laws: "My manners are tearing off heads" The use of figurative language makes the poem and the arrogance of the Hawk more vivid. The Hawk sees himself as the core of the earth and the summit of creation and this is put into accent with the use of metaphor: " Now I hold creation in my foot of fly up, and revolve it slowly" The Hawk humanizes a leader who controls everything around him and this is emphasized with his condescending language. The use of metonymy makes the poem intense: "I sit on the top of the wood, my

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