Write an Essay on Confidentiality and the Boundaries of a Helping Relationship

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Boundaries not only reflect a need for physical space, but, our core values, self respect and our need for safety and protection. They are invisible lines that differentiate people from each other. The different forms or types of boundaries include physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relational.

The formation of boundaries in Counselling, or a helping interaction, is very important. Helping interactions provide people with an opportunity to help deal with their difficulties, whatever they may be. It is a chance to be listened to and understood. As such, the helping relationship is an intimate one. It is built around trust and support and offers the helpee (client), a place free from judgment. Within a helping interaction
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Thus, boundaries allow the explorative process to continue. As the helpee may be not used to this kind of framework and unaware of the importance of keeping the limits, it becomes helper’s responsibility to set up and manage the boundaries as well as to recognize the dilemmas that are inherent within them.

The agreement on the boundaries concerning therapeutic relationship is beneficial for both the helpee and helper. Boundaries preserve the therapeutic relationship by ensuring that a helper understands the need to and can keep separate his personal and professional life. Counsellors, or helpers who are able to maintain healthy boundaries do not carry the problems of their clients around with them during leisure hours. They know how to say no, which allows them to keep a balance in their lives. A helper that takes care of himself and knows where to draw the line is in a position to provide a higher standard of service to his helpees, than a helper who blurs the boundaries between personal and professional relationships and feels overwhelmed as a result. Moreover, by making the distinction between a therapeutic relationship and social relationships, a helper is able to retain a level of objectivity that a friend would struggle with if you went to him with a problem. Your friend may have a stake in the outcome of your problems that a helper

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