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Write an essay about how Owen's poetry describes the plight of the soldiers. In many of Wilfred Owen's poems, he describes the suffering and the agony of the common soldier during war, not only on the battlefront, but he also describes the after-effects of war and its cruelty. Owen's poetry is inclined towards and elegiac nature with the function to arouse grief and to stimulate remembrance. Owen is usually best when the emotion of grief predominates over disgust in his poems and when tribute is paid to the men who died "as cattle" rather than when criticism is directly made to the perpetrators of war. Owen refers to his poems as elegies, but they offer no consolation to the readers, serving instead to warn them of the true…show more content…
In the poem Inspection, Wilfred Owen describes how a common soldier is maltreated simply because he had been injured and his uniform was blood-stained. This injustice towards the soldier's suffering is evident in this poem where blood is described as "dirt". This shows how the soldiers' agony is not appreciated, neither by the Officer, Owen himself. Owen recalls several incidents such as in the poem Conscious where he analyses the suffering of a soldier who is in bed. The poet describes as "sudden evening blurs and fogs the air" and the soldier becomes unconscious. In Dulce et Decorum est Wilfred Owen describes the agony an unidentified soldier passes through as he dies of mustard gas; the agony he passed through as he was "guttering, choking, drowning", and while "the blood / Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, / Obscene as cancer". But Owen doesn't only describe the physical suffering of the soldiers, the visible pain. No, Owen gives detailed description of the psychological torture the soldiers go through. This is clearly evident in the poem The Dead Beat where the poet picks out an incident where a soldier collapses, "more sullenly than wearily" out of mental exhaustion which "crazed him". The mental anguish also comes from the burden of guilt the soldiers have to carry. The guilt of having killed someone; the guilt of having committed murder. This guilt is

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