Writers Are Made, not Born

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Hatching new ideas is what writing is all about. From brainstorming to publishing, we all have our own way of going through our process, which makes each writer unique. In the book, “A Troubles Shooting Guide for Writers” by Barbara Fine Clouse, she talks about multiple myths about writers and makes the reader contemplate and classify them as either true or just another myth. It is possible for some writers to have great grammar skills, but not be so great at adding detail with their topics and sub topics. This leads me to one of the myths, by Barbara Fine Clouse, that states, “Writers get it right the first time” We all make mistakes here; it’s human nature. Like most writers I start off with a bit of prewriting. Where do I get my ideas from? Well ideas can come from anything really, the media, dreams, your surroundings, experiences, or some classic old research. What is prewriting? Prewriting is basically gathering ideas to help you find a topic and better understand what you want to do with that topic. It is a very important skill to have so you’re not babbling on and on. Graphic organizers such as webs, free writing, and any other charts can be used for gathering ideas. Now that our ideas are nice and organized and we have our desired topic it is time to get to work. Rough draft, rough copy; whatever you like to call it, get a working copy of your idea into a paragraph or paper so you have something better to work with. Don’t be afraid to add in little notes here and
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