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English Writing Reflection.

English has always been one of my favorite subjects along with writing. At a

young age I remember always writing childish stories, and comic books. In second grade

I even won a writers competition. Writing has always been a part of my life. I keep a

journal to write important events happening in my life and I like to write poems as well.

However, during my high school years writing essays became more complex. For some

reason I couldn’t seem to fully understand the different techniques you need in order to

write a successful essay. English 49 being my first English college class was at

first a bit overwhelming. I felt somewhat intimidated. I thought I didn’t had thev enough
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As in my whole process essay where

I wrote “I felt sad, upset and depress that I had to go trough such an odyssey so I could

just go to school. I felt bad that my mom had to drive me to school in such bad

circumstances. I felt different from everyone else.” I didn’t provide a concrete example of

a particular time in my life on why I felt all those emotions I was going trough. So

when I revised and edited my essay I decided to add an example like, “For example, there

was the time when I was invited to a party my whole English class went to. I wasn’t able

to go. I was already too tired from the long week I had crossing the border back and forth,

and I didn’t have a reliable ride that could take me home. At school everybody seemed to

be talking about it. I felt like an outsider. I didn’t have many things in common with them

anymore, because I didn’t hang out with them outside school.” This time I gave a specific

event where a circumstance that I went trough led to the emotions and feelings I felt.

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Another example that showed my deficiency in providing additional information is in my

argumentative essay. For instance, I wrote “ Even though there’s antibiotics in the feed

the bacteria creates resistance.” I failed to explain how it might impact the health of the

consumers. Therefore, when I revised my essay and noticed I wasn’t providing an

explanation I chose to do so by elaborating more. For

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