Writing A Memo Based On My Leadership Philosophy

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1. When I joined the Coast Guard 21 years ago, I would never have guessed I would be writing a memo based on my leadership philosophy. My first two years and ten days in the Coast Guard was the most miserable I have ever been. I was one of two females at a Small Boat Station in Rockland, Maine. My roommate and I were treated differently, to say the least. We were the only two mess cooks out of 20 non-rated personnel. Her and I would switch every other month for more than one year. It took us twice as long as the men to get communication room and boat crew qualified. We had to do colors only in the rain or snow. We were assigned Extra Military Instruction (EMI), like throwing heaving lines for hours on the pier, because we were “weaker” than men. Our BM3, who was the Master at Arms (MAA) would unlock our barracks room and try to climb in bed with us when he was drunk. We had to move furniture in front of the door to keep him out. My Chief Boatswains Mate put me in a Gumby suit and he dropped me off the side of the small boat, in to the water, in October, at night - to see if they could “find me” again. I was in the water for more than one hour. These things are important to know, because as an 18-year old girl from a small town, the actions, as well as lack of action of these men would shape almost every aspect of the leader and person I have become today. 2. Set the standard, be the standard. “The standard you ignore is the standard you accept.” I heard this

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