Writing A Term Paper Usually Involves Jamming A Semester

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Writing a term paper usually involves jamming a semester 's worth of research into one week, writing 15 pages in a night and emerging from a computer lab with bloodshot eyes and a stack of empty coffee cups.
But for a few students, the task is hardly this draining. All it takes is a click of the mouse.
Downloading papers from the Internet, combined with the upsurge of other incidents of cheating, has been a growing concern for the future of academic integrity in higher education.
"It 's easy, and it 's quick, and it 's better than spending six hours writing a paper for some general requirement class that I didn 't care about to begin with," said one College senior who asked to remain anonymous.
These students aren 't the only ones who have opted out of conventional research and turned to online paper banks, amid the "cut and paste plagiarism" trend at universities nationwide.
According to a 1999 survey conducted by Donald McCabe, a Rutgers University professor and the founder of the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University, more than 75 percent of college students admit to some form of cheating. About one third of the 2,100 participating students admitted to serious test cheating, and half admitted to one or more instances of serious cheating on written assignments.
The pattern for high school students, the next generation of college-goers, is disturbingly similar.
Eighty-four percent of the students surveyed last year by Who 's Who Among American High School…

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