Writing : A Writer You Make Mistakes With Your Work

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As a writer you make mistakes with your work, but you can also fix things, so the next time you won 't make those mistakes again. In the area of writing I feel like I can use some more improvement with my punctuation and where I place them. When an assignment does come up and after I write it each time I learn something new. Not only writing in this class can be easy at times it can also be challenging, which I love about these assignments. I enjoy writing because at times I do get challenged, but I enjoy that challenge that Mr.Perry gives me, because it helps me improve as a writer.Overall as a writer in the beginning I felt like I was not a great but now as the semester is starting to end I feel more confidant and I feel I can write really strong essay’s. As I go through and look back at my past essays from the beginning of the year I have noticed dramatic errors that I would have not noticed back in September. “When you are stressed for an exam you get anxiety because your are anxious to see how you did or what the test will be like.” As I look at this sentence I know I could have changed this sentence multiple times to make it better. I 've learned that I should try not to say the word “you” a lot because it makes this paper sound not great for how many times I put “you” in this sentence. I also could have changed this sentence completely because looking over this sentence I realized that it 's a run-on sentence. When Mr.Perry started to teach us some techniques that we…

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