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As a writer you make mistakes with your work, but you can also fix things, so the next time you won 't make those mistakes again. In the area of writing I feel like I can use some more improvement with my punctuation and where I place them. When an assignment does come up and after I write it each time I learn something new. Not only writing in this class can be easy at times it can also be challenging, which I love about these assignments. I enjoy writing because at times I do get challenged, but I enjoy that challenge that Mr.Perry gives me, because it helps me improve as a writer.Overall as a writer in the beginning I felt like I was not a great but now as the semester is starting to end I feel more confidant and I feel I can write…show more content…
In this assignment it was about the american dream and if it was still alive or not. I wanted this to be a great essay so I wrote about how I felt. “Even though he went down the wrong path and his mother was barely around he ended up doing perseverance.” When I read this sentence I think about what could I have done to make this better? As I re-read this sentence I noticed that it did not making sense. “He ended up doing perseverance.” That makes no sense I could have put instead despite Eminem’s past and that his mother was never around he still pushed through the tough part and made out to be one of the biggest stars. Then the next sentence would start off with perseverance. As time progressed I have started to learn more on how to improve essays with commas and punctuation. We read a book called Into the Wild as the book ended we had to write an argument essay on it. I have gotten a lot of help on this essay and I 'm not going to lie, but I did work really hard on this essay because I wanted to show Mr.Perry that I can be a great writer but I just need alittle help getting to that point. As I wrote this story and turned it in I got it back but with a score I did not mine the score I got but I thought that I could do better.I felt to be a great writer you should go back and look at the mistakes and fix them even though I had a great score I wanted to look back and see what mistakes I have made. I have chosen to redo the
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