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During this course I have learned there is in fact a great deal to writing. Throughout my lifetime I have had to write numerous amounts of essays and papers for various subjects, all requiring different styles and techniques. Before engulfing myself into the writing process I would try and think of whom I am writing to and what I am writing about. I always just assumed I was writing for my audience, that being my teacher. Writing an argumentative research paper is something I had yet to accomplish in my college career. Not only was it thought provoking but this paper challenged me in many ways, such as, knowing who I should be directing throughout the essay to as well as the simple steps of organizing my thoughts and ideas. Also, simply reflecting on what information needs to be apart of the essay and what doesn’t.
While writing for academic reasons I would always write for the grade, not for the purpose to write and truly convince the reader that what I am writing about is in fact important. I have learned that when writing an argumentative research paper you are writing for an audience of people not just to one person. You are writing to convince the reader why they should care about the topic, and the reader should be able to feel that passion in your writing. You are writing to broaden the thoughts regarding this topic to whom ever chooses to read your paper not just for that grade. Thinking of who I should direct my paper to is something I still struggle with, however,
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