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Despite the popular belief, writing an article on Wikipedia is subject to several rules. For example, before creating a page for a new article and a new topic, you have to make sure that the subject you tackled is either popular enough or old enough to be published. Yet there are some exceptions to this rule. It is the case for sudden events such as November 2015 Paris attacks that took place few days ago but already have a Wikipedia page.i Notability is not the only criterion to take into account before knowing if your article can be published or not. You also have to follow some basic rules such as avoiding plagiarism or always cite your sources at the end of the article. Moreover as an author you have to remain as neutral as possible. One of Wikipedia 's goal is to provide information without any biased point of view or personal statement. Maybe the two most important and famous pillars of Wikipedia are the fact that it is free to use and licence free. Anyone can publish, edit or use a Wikipedia article as long as one follows the rules mentioned earlier.ii Without a doubt, Wikipedia is a website that you can use from time to time to find some pieces of information about various subjects. Since it is an open website it covers a very wide spectrum of topics. One of the drawbacks of it being open is that its content is not 100% reliable. That is the reason why to write an essay it is better to avoid the use of this website. However some parts of articles cannot be edited

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